Monday, April 29, 2013

Present Perfect RELEASE DATE: Aug 6, 2013!!!!!!!


                                                                  "Everything" by Lifehouse

                                                                   …You calm the storms,
                                                                       And you give me rest.
                                                                       You hold me in your hands,
                                                                       You won't let me fall.
                                                                       You steal my heart,
                                                                       And you take my breath away.
                                                                       Would you take me in,
                                                                       Take me deeper now…
                                                                        You're all I want,
                                                                        You're all I need,
                                                                        You're everything, everything


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Here's a little somethin, somethin from Present Perfect available Aug 6, 2013!!

 (Unedited. Subject to change before publication.)

Turning to me Brad said, “Please tell me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming that you’ve never done tequila shots.”
“You assume correctly, sir.” Spreading the blanket out I glanced ...at all the stuff he was holding. “Looks complicated. There’s a lot of stuff involved. ”
“Well, lucky for you, Beautiful, you’re being taught by a master shots-man.” His playfulness brought a slight smile to my face.
We sat facing each other with our legs crossed in front of us. Brad placed all the ingredients for the shots between us. He picked up a lime wedge and held it in his left hand. Looking up at me with his sapphire blue eyes, he licked the back of that hand, wetting it slightly, and then sprinkled a small amount of salt on it. Tilting his chin towards the tequila and said, “Pour some booze in one of those glasses for me.” Smiling, I did as I was told. He took the glass from me. Looking very serious, he said, “Pay close attention. There will be a quiz afterwards.” I actually giggled. I have never giggled before in my life. Brad was doing a great job in lifting my mood. He quickly sucked the lime, then licked the salt, and downed the shot. He shook his head and growled, “Oh baby, that’s tasty.” That made me laugh out loud.
Brad watched me intensely as I set up my first ever shot. I had the lime and salt all ready. He handed me the shot of tequila he had poured. He instructed me, “It’s best to go as quickly as possible and know the sequence. Remember SLS.” I looked at him confused and asked, “SLS?” His sexy grin appeared. “Suck. Lick. Swallow.” I felt a deep red blush cross my cheeks. Leaning in closer, he said in a low voice, “SLS can also be applied in other situations.” He gave me a devilish look and wink

Sunday, April 21, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to Stefany Thode. Stefany was the winner of the Chocolae Lover's series by Tara Sivec. Thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned! Moore giveaways to come.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

COVER REVEAL: First Born by Tricia Zollier

First Born" releases May 10, 2013 and will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords
"With the police and a killer hot on her trail, can shapeshifter Lily Moore solve the mystery of being First Born or will family secrets prove deadly?"
*A huge thank you to Claudia at Phatpuppy Art and Ashley at Bookish Brunette Designs for this amazing book cover.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chocolate Lover's GIVEAWAY!

Chocolate Lover's GIVEAWAY! I finished writing Present Perfect! I'm now in editing. My main female character loves chocolate frosting, so I figured what better way to celebrate completing my first book than to give away an ebook set of Chocolate Lover's series by Tara Sivec. You'll love these books. They are hilarious. The winner will be chosen at random. GOOD LUCK!

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